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I'm trying to setup a custom location for my apps explained in the App and Engine Config Reference



Problem is when i wanna start the app from shotgun it says invalid location dict


this is my entry, when i just move it to the normal app_store it works fine.

location: {name: tk-testapp, type: arx_store, version: v0.1}


what did i miss ?

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    The type key has the following valid values:

    • app_store for official apps and engines distributed by the Toolkit app store
    • dev for apps and engines that are on the local filesystem, typically when you are doing development work for testing
    • git for handling your apps and engines in your own git repository
    • manual for handling installations for your studio entirely manually without any automatic upgrades, etc.

    Note that both dev and git location types require a path to point to where the app or engine lives. The manual mode will look in the designated directory at install/apps/manual/<app_name>/<app_version>

    Choosing the right method above all depends on what you're trying to do by storing the apps in a custom location. This is all documented in the link you provided in your post as well: https://support.shotgunsoftware.com/entries/95442678

    Let us know if you have more questions!

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