When working from home on my laptop, a Toolkit error keeps popping up inside of Shotgun.

Hi all,

I've been finding it a little frustrating that, whenever I use my laptop, I get error messages saying: 

Error Reported (#-1)
Could not find the Pipeline Configuration on disk:

We have turned Tank integration off for any user who doesn't need it, so they aren't getting the error, but there are a number of us who need it on one machine and don't on the other.

I'd really like to see an option to say "Yes I know, and please don't tell me again" which would keep a cookie on that machine. That way I wouldn't have to either just bear with the error messages or keep toggling Tank Integration on and off.


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    Manne Öhrström

    Hello Hugh!

    Apologies for the late response! This is something that we have heard a couple of times, always in conjunction with a using laptop while working outside of the office. The workaround would be to temporarily turn off toolkit integration by unticking that checkbox for your own user, but it certainly isn't a very elegant solution to this problem.

    I think we should fix this and make sure that the menu generation fails much more gracefully in case the menus cannot be generated for some reason. I have done a quick pass on the code that handles this and will pass it onto QA etc. Once it has been released (it will go out with a Shotgun patch release at some point), I'll update this thread!

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    Manne Öhrström


    Quick followup on this one: Shotgun 5.2.13 just went out to our hosted sites and with this a bunch of fixes in the toolkit menu system which should prevent error messages from popping up all the time if you are working disconnected from the main file storage. There are also other improvements and clarifications in the way errors are reported. Hopefully this should make working on your laptop a lot easier!

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