Scene Break Down for 3ds Max


When will 3ds max have a Scene Break Down Like Maya?

Thank you





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    Ryan Mayeda

    Hi Bruno.

    We are in the midst of converting the Maya-and-Nuke-specific Breakdown apps into a generalized "multi" app, which we can then extend with engine-specifics hooks and add support for 3DS Max, as well as the other engines we have (i.e. Houdini, Softimage, etc.).  It's great to hear you're interested in it for 3DS Max.  Quick question - when you bring files into 3DS Max, do you use the import/merge feature or the referencing/XREF feature?  The reason I ask is because if you do import/merge, I don't think 3DS Max preserves any path info that we can use to correlate what you have in your scene to a publish in Shotgun.  We're going to need to cook up an additional feature on our side to try and account for that and it won't come until after we do the basic generalization setup for the app.  But, if you use referencing/XREF, the updated app should get you going.  Let me know which option you use in your pipeline as I'm curious to get a sense for how our 3DS Max users work.


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    Bruno Guerreiro

    Hi Ryan,

    Great to hear that there is going to be a generalized Breakdown multi app feature coming!

    The xref is used more often then the merge but we use the 2 options in different occasions

    The merge is mainly used to change specific properties of the assets inside a master scene, basically when we need to be specific about the object in the context in which it will be rendered, eg: material adjustments, particular deformations, animation curves.


    The Xref is used more in a development stage, Multiple people working in their specific asset and a master scene with all the objects XReferenced in. And the process it similar to Shotgun concept of work folder and publish folder, the difference is that right now there is only one published file that we keep overighting, that way it automatically updates in the master scene. 


    We also use Xref in all the items we know are render ready, like trees, foliage, and all sorts of entourage


    Looking forward for the update


    All the best




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    Hassan Youssef

    Hi Rayan,

    Any updates about this App ?! we interested to have this app into 3dsMax-plus engine, it would be great if it's released soon especially because our pipeline is relay on referencing/XREF workflow.



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    Patrick Macdonald

    +1 for this request. 

    One other related thing, do you plan to add xref-objects rather than xref-scenes as a standard reference action? The reason being that xref-objects are far more useful in a pipeline given that they can behave much the same as merged objects in your scene; eg shaders can be adjusted, modifiers added, etc. This would be more akin to an alembic workflow too. 

    As with Bruno, we generally use merge, but on occasion an xref-object workflow is used.


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