How can I install new framework from the app store?

I'd like to install tk-framework-perforce from the app store, but I couldn't find how. Seems like tank only have commands like install_app and install_engine.

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    Alan Dann

    Hi Gyedo,

    Although we're discussing this through a ticket I thought I would reply here as well for completeness!

    Typically you shouldn't have to worry about installing frameworks by hand as they will be installed when you install an app that uses them - in the case of the Perforce framework the apps that directly use it are tk-multi-perforce &tk-shell-perforcesync so installing either of those into an environment will install the framework.

    However, before you do that I'd recommend reading the following documentation as setting up the Perforce integration manually is a lot more complex than just installing the framework! It involves setting up custom hooks and other settings for the other Toolkit apps (e.g. the loader, publish & file manager) and of course setting up the Perforce connection settings and adding a file to Perforce so that Toolkit is able to map depot paths to Shotgun entities.

    There is an introduction document here which gives a high level overview of how the Perforce Integration is implemented. It also contains links to the other documentation for the various apps, etc. that are provided:


    The other document to look at is the one for the example Games configuration, here:


    The current Perforce integration is targeted at a games workflow and the configuration reflects that. As a good starting point I would recommend setting up a test project in Shotgun (make sure to read the pre-requisites section in the configuration doc) and install Toolkit using the games configuration - you can then play around with the configuration to see how it works.

    To do this, when you run ./tank setup_project, just specify tk-config-games instead of the default when it prompts you to choose a configuration.

    At the moment you will find that the documentation is lacking in places as it's still being written (!) so if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.


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