Toolkit 1.0 assigned as user id when publishing in Maya

Sometimes when our artists publish from within Maya they are assigned the name Toolkit 1.0.

When I click on the name (Toolkit 1.0) it looks like Shotgun thinks that is a User Profile.

This is happening on several accounts, both Artists and Admin, and it is making it difficult to figure out who is posting comments.

Is this a common issue with an easy solution?



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    Hi Christopher,

    This is good question and quite common! 

    Do the artist logins on their machines match their Shotgun login? Our current behavior is to try and correlate the computer/machine login with the Shotgun login when setting the user in Shotgun. If your logins don't match, we fall back to setting the user to be the Shotgun Script (aka "Toolkit 1.0"). There is some control that can be had by overriding the core hook though. Check out the previous answer in our forums here:


    Let me know if you need more details or that doesn't directly answer your issue and I'll dive in deeper with you and help you get things sorted.


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    Steven Quinones

    I was trying to fix this issue to get the right behaviour, this is what I did but didn't work. Any ideas why?

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    Manne Öhrström

    Hello Steven!

    Indeed, that is rather strange! The default core hook that handles the user lookup looks for an environment variable named USERNAME. The only thing I can think of is that somehow that environment variable hasn't been picked up inside of maya or wherever you are running the publish from. It might be worth checking by doing a print os.environ["USERNAME"] from inside the application. Sometimes the environment is modified prior to application launch etc. 


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    Steven Quinones

    OK, so the easiest fix for this was just to add a new environment variable USERNAMESHOTGUN with the shotgun user login name, update the hook in the configuration for your project with that same variable and we get names again. I'm no longer perpetually confused in dailies, Yeah!

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