Cannot create primary storage for toolkit

Hello. I have a question,
We're setting up a trial account at the moment. We were also linking Shotgun toolkit to our 3Dmax environment and have a little trouble with it. Please find the description below:
Initial Setup and Configuration
Step 5. Set up a Local File Storage named 'primary'
We missed pressing "Save" so it didn't save anything and we proceeded to  
Step 8. Run the activation script
and activated it but it didn't create any folder or complete the setup 
Can you please help us with setting up the toolkit? I'm sorry we didn't follow the instructions properly.
We went back to that step but we can't create "primary" folder, please have a look at the error message:
Thank you 


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    Manne Öhrström


    Sorry you are having trouble activating toolkit!

    The somewhat cryptic error message above means that you have created a Local File Storage named primary in the Site Preferences in Shotgun, then deleted it, then you are trying to create it again. This is not allowed for technical reasons - these Local File Storages have to have totally unique names!

    What you need to do is to go into the Admin Menu (the menu you can access in the top right hand corner in Shotgun, same menu where you access the site preferences), and choose the Trash option. The trash shows you all objects that you have ever deleted (or retired, as it is sometimes called in Shotgun), and also allows you to un-delete them. 

    Once you are in the Trash, choose LocalStorage from the dropdown menu and hit search. You will see a list of all local file storages that have been deleted. Find the one named primary and click the Revive link next to it. This will un-delete the deleted primary File Storage.

    Now go back into the Site Preferences - under the file management tab, you should now see a primary file storage again - meaning you are back in business! Do any changes to paths that you need to do and then you can continue the normal toolkit installation guide.

    Hope this helps - any questions, let us know!


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    Shiva Kannan

    Hello Manne! 

    I ran into a very same problem.I made the mistake of deleting the primary local storage. But I couldn't find the LocalStorage under the Trash option. Is this a version problem ? I've been using v6.3.7 . 


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    Knuedeler Marcel


    we have exactly the same problem - no LocalStorage in the Trash Folder. Could this be a bug?


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    Manne Öhrström

    Hey guys!

    It looks like some entity types have been removed from the trash submenu in recent versions of Shotgun. I'll look into why this has happened.

    In the meantime, check out this KB article for instructions and a direct URL that you can use to access the trash: 




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