How do I unregister project?

I did the installation process wrong, so I would like to start over.

But it tells me, that all projects are already registered- how can I unregister and start over?




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    Samsher Chahar

    I am not familiar with your setup; so I am going to take the liberty to assume that you want to start tank setup for a project from scratch. At least this is what I have understood from your post.

    This is basically a three step process.

    1) Clear "Tank Name" field for all concerned projects in Shotgun.

    2) Delete pipeline configurations of all concerned projects in Shotgun.

    3) Delete pipeline configuration folder for all concerned projects on your file system.




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    Michal M.

    Ok, thanks.

    I have solved the problem differently- just copied everything from my home setup (where I set the project and SG up), then changed paths and it works now! :-)

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    Manne Öhrström

    Hi there Michal!

    Glad it got sorted! I have also released v0.14.8 of our API which now allows you to do 

    > tank setup_project --force

    This syntax lets you choose existing projects, if you want to start fresh with a new project setup! You can get this latest version of the core by running the command

    > tank core

    in a shell.

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    Jeremy Clement

    Great ! Thank you !!!

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