If I assign work to a specific person, as I arrive to me notifications if completed, or the allotted time expired work, then see if it finished or not make it?

I have 15 animators who are assigned daily jobs and notifications are not coming. I need a way to know when and if the work is fully finished by the time-frame established to the animators. For example Due dates expired in which  I don't have a way to know or get notified if the work is completed. 


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    Street Team

    Hi Fernando,

    There are a few of ways to solve this that I could imagine.

    You could Follow all the Tasks that you've assigned to your animators. Then when Status changes were made or Versions were published, you would get notifications in your Inbox.

    You could also create a Page of Tasks; Group and Sort however it works best for you. Maybe use advanced grouping by due date then by status. You could even add a grouping (or use sorting) by animator.

    Lastly, you could set up the event watcher to trigger particular changes to send you an email. That would take the most work - especially if you are not already running the event daemon. Info about it is here: https://github.com/shotgunsoftware/shotgunEvents.

    If you have specific questions (that are not toolkit related), please submit a support request to: support@shotgunsoftware.com and we'll help you out.

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    One of the most common ways our clients are managing overdue Tasks is by using Pages and filters. To do this, make a new Task page in the project, then create a filter similar to this one:

    This will show you all the Tasks that *should* be done today but aren't. The value for "Status" can be whatever your studio uses to designate a Task is finished (Final in this case).
    You can do the same thing with conditional formatting on the "Due Date" field, turning the color red whenever a Task is overdue:
    There isn't a way yet to trigger notifications based on overdue Tasks (yet!), though we have seen a few clients use our API and shotgunEvents trigger framework to build this themselves.
    Let me know if that helps with what you're trying to do!
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