What is the difference between Tank Save as and Snapshot as?

Hey Tankers, 

    I'm about to start digging through the code to figure out the difference, but in going through the model publish pipeline (In Maya), It seems confusing (to me) that because one has to 'Tank Save As..." in order to snapshot, what is the purpose of the "Snapshot As..." menu option? And how does snapshot "Snapshot As..." change (if at all) what the final published name will be? 

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    Ryan Mayeda

    Hi Seth!

    I see that Jacob from RGH also posted this question to the shotgun-dev list.  I just answered it there but will paste my response in here as well in case anyone finds this topic later on and wonders the same thing...


    You're correct, they indeed do the same thing.  "Snapshot As" was part of an older app, tk-maya-publish, that we've deprecated in favor of a multi-engine app, tk-multi-snapshot.  This way, the same app can be used across all engines, rather than having a separate app with essentially the same functionality that has to be maintained for each engine.  The legacy Nuke app had additional features that the Maya one didn't, like snapshot history and version up, but that's now all available in the "multi" app.  You should be able to remove tk-maya-publish from your environment(s) in favor of tk-multi-snapshot and its sibling apps, tk-multi-publish and tk-multi-workfiles, all of which partner to help manage the artist work area and publish that work.  Here's a quick link to the docs for the app:
    Hope this helps!
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    Jacob Medendorp

    Thanks Ryan!

    I also found that Snapshot As does not incrementally save new versions if you give it a name that already exists, but Tank Save As does.  Tank Save As is the way of the future!

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