Shotgun Installation Corruption and File Handles

Hello, I have run into an issue in managing the few projects we have on SGTK. Upon install the installation_location.yml files had entries which were later updated across the studio, but they appear to be registered in the system and unable to update. The path for both linux and darwin required updating and, after changing file permissions, I manually changed the paths in the files. Both the command line tank and embedded (browser) version point to the old path and I cannot find any files which reference it by searching.

As one of the projects remained unaffected I decided to push it's configuration onto the existing installations, as using the force option has worked in the past for bad installs. This failed operation failed due to folder permissions, so I manually deleted most of the entries, and now have a number of locked files, whose parent process I can't discern.

Is there a clean all command? An uninstall project config? Or some other mechanism to release the directories? We are using a blue arc, and I should be able to disconnect or delete any files on it as Admin, however we are finding Shotgun managed files throughout our project directories from similar bad practices throughout the filesystem.

Really, I just want to update the one file... or to be able to change root configs without corrupting the entire install.





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    Robert Durnin

    Pardon me for bumping this so soon, but here is the offending file path:


    Will it be possible to migrate the SGTK project dir if I have to use a temporary path, as a workaround, to install a new copy of the toolkit for the project?




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    Manne Öhrström

    Hello Robert!

    I just realised we have missed replying to this thread - I am terribly sorry about that! I just wanted to follow up now and ask how things are going. Did you manage to sort these issues out? 



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