workfile list wrongly filtered



I think that those screenshots speak themselves.


In Select file.png: the LeafletShading scene is in fact part of 024_060. (and referenced as well in 024_060 view)

In Pick_Work_Area.png: You can see i filtered by 090_060 and that the list is showing 024_060

In pick work area.png: I filtered by 020_060 and i also see 024_060.


It's not a very very big problem but i fear for constancy of our project. What's the result if a graphist open the good scene from a wrong search, does it get the good context, etc. I must admit I didn't tried fearing that it could make more problem.


Kind regards


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    Manne Öhrström

    Hello there Hadrien!

    I think what you are seeing is our widget framework's default search mechanism. The reason the shot 024_060 appears in both your pick work area screenshots, even though there is a filter applied, is because it is selected. Any selected objects will remain in the list as it is filtered, even if the filter does not match that item. 

    For the select file screenshot, are you basically saying that the current work area comes up as shot 020_060 but then when you click on that and the pick work area UI launches, shot 024_060 is selected rather than 020_060? That could be a bug somewhere or possibly an artefact from renaming shots. Did you rename that shot in Shotgun?




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