What are the requirements / procedure to migrate our shotgun projects to a local shotgun instance?


In order to speed up the SGTK interactions for our graphic team (which is in Bucarest, Romania), we would like to try to run the shotgun server on site. Our SGTK integration makes some use of online calls to the shotgun API, and it's sometimes slowing down the whole interaction.


If it's easy to have it running locally, we'd be interested in doing that. What kind of system is needed? How do we retrieve the existing databases?



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    Hey Alexandre,

    From a technical standpoint, you'd need to setup the recommended hardware and software according to our specs. These have been evolving recently so our dev-ops team would have to give you the most up to date info. If you're interested in more info, drop them an email at support@shotgunsoftware.com.

    I wouldn't categorize this process currently as "easy" though. While it may have some benefits to you (less latency for example), there's the larger overhead of managing your servers, cost, etc. That said, if you did decide to go through with it, our dev-ops team would help migrate your data and files over to your local server when the time came. Toolkit would need a couple of very minor adjustments to some config files but otherwise should work fine in the new local setup. 

    Before you go down that road though, I'd be interested to hear specifically what latency issues you're having with Toolkit. Could you share some specifics about the slowdowns you're experiencing? Is the network connection in Romania slow to begin with or is this specifically an issue with Toolkit?



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