Does Toolkit do Version Control?

 I have a quick question about Toolkit, does it do file version control? By this I mean can it replace Perforce/Alienbrain/or similar? Within a pipeline?

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    Manne Öhrström

    As Toolkit has emerged from idea into an emerging product, we have realised that in order to build a solution that works for different people with different requirements, as well as being able to scale and evolve Toolkit as workflows in a studio changes (which they always seem to do!), we had to go beyond the classic ideas that most asset management products are designed around. 

    Rather than providing a product with a certain set of functions, Toolkit has evolved into something we like to think of as a Pipeline Toolkit. It is a a framework designed to make it easy to connect different pieces of functionality into workflows. Some of these pieces may be internal tools that are specific to the studio, others may be third party tools and some may be tool that we provide as part of the core Toolkit bundle. 

    We call these pieces Toolkit Apps. An App is a tool, a small piece of functionality that can be configured and set up to work with your file system structure and workflow needs. Our Apps are all stored in github, so if you are not happy about how a particular app works or want to tweak its behaviour, just fork it in github and make the changes that are critical to you.

    The goal for us is to make it easy to evolve - this means building some seriously strong "bones" - a Toolkit core platform that is solid and has got all the tools that are needed in order to work with Apps. We want it to be fun and painless to explore and share workflows, e.g. configurations where apps are connected and configured in specific ways. And in addition to the core platform, we are also providing a set of default apps, which act both as a pieces that can be used to manage your production and as sample code for app developers who may want to take the concepts further. 

    Toolkit currently comes bundled with apps for simple disk based version control. We have separate apps for the different host applications at the moment. See the full list in the Apps & Engines section. The version control is all handled by our publish app, which you can find here: https://support.shotgunsoftware.com/entries/95440807

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