Shotgun specifics:
• Architect, develop and maintain the integration of Shotgun in our production pipeline using Python
• Connecting Shotgun to our asset management system
• Experience with integration of Shotgun and its packages like Toolkit and ScreeningRoom in an existing production workflow(!)
• Software:
o RV and Nuke
o 3ds Max and Maya is a plus
• Languages:
o Python and C++
o HTML and PHP is a big plus
o MaxScript is a plus
• Requirements:
o Understanding of production workflow, project management and scheduling
Knowledge of relational database design and implementation
Education, Experience, and Skills Required
• 3+ years VFX Pipeline experience required
• Experience automating complex processes of scenes that consist of a large number of VFX assets.
• Production experience with computer graphics application software: 3Ds Max and/or Maya
• VFX development production experience with a deep understanding of pipeline based workflows from start to finish including but not limited to production and delivery deadlines.
• Masters degree in Computer Science, Mathematics or related study required
• Excellence in problem solving
• Must be detail oriented, organized, and able to handle a variety of tasks in an efficient manner.
• Ability to handle high stress environments
• Must be able to work well with a wide range of personality types
Additional Skills that are a Plus:
• Linux experience
• Qt, PyQt knowledge
• Development experience with digital media formats, media viewers and media architectures as related to the computer animation and/or visual effects production.
• Familiarity with any other computer graphics related software not listed above
• Understanding and experience with client-server and other multi-tiered system environments.

To apply, please send your resume to: · http://scanlinevfx.applyfirst.ca


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