Job: R&D Programmer - Core Pipeline

Department: R&D
Reports To:
  Head of R&D

Double Negative’s R&D department develop ground-breaking software to ensure that the studio remains at the cutting-edge of global VFX production.

Our R&D Programmers support multiple film projects in parallel, from initial design through on-set supervision and production to post-production, by delivering pioneering tools that enable our artists to tackle increasingly complex challenges, with stunning results.
R&D Programmers at DNeg are tasked with a variety of responsibilities spanning the full software development life-cycle; designing, supporting and maintaining software, integrating tools into our Pipeline, and even further extension as work adapts and new challenges arise.

Double Negative is always excited to hear from talented programmers: a passion for solving complex problems is a must!

Needs to Do:
Investigate appropriate solutions and techniques to address challenges.
Plan the development of tools and break-down the plan into tasks.
Communicate development timeframes to the Software Project Manager and stakeholders.
Maintain, revise and extend existing tools.
Produce technical documentation and user manuals.

Needs to Know:
Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or equivalent subject.
Excellent knowledge of C++ and Python (qt and other languages a plus).
Solid knowledge and experience of a variety of programming libraries, such as Boost.
Extensive experience in object-oriented programming and ORM system design.
Experience of development in a Linux environment.
Solid understanding of test-driven development.
High-level knowledge of databases and SQL.
Experience with system design and architecture.

Needs to Be:
Knowledgeable and interested in emerging industry technologies.
Smart, driven and adaptable.
Logical and practical in approach to solving complex problems.
Able to future-plan beyond the scope of the current development task.
Team oriented and organised.
A strong communicator – both verbal and written.

To apply:
Please go to www.dneg.com/jobs and click on the link to our jobs portal.
You will need to create a profile and submit the application form provided.
Please don't forget to attach all relevant documents and remember to mention where you saw this job advertised in your cover letter.



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