Best Practices Using Shotgun For Document Review/Iteration?

I'm part of a writing team attached to several more "shotgun traditional" organizations: art, cinematics, animation, etc. They're making use of Shotgun in some very interesting ways and we're making efforts to integrate with their pipeline.

For example, characters that are used in cinematics are getting asset landing pages that we're providing content to fill, update, and comment on, etc.

I and some of the other writers would love to move further, trying to get as much of our written work into the system as possible. Right now, as I understand it, Shotgun's capabilities to review, comment, and iterate on documents is somewhat more primitive than, say, reviewing a video's frames or commenting on art assets.

Does anyone have any best practice or development suggestions for integrating document review and iteration into an existing Shotgun framework?

Thanks very kindly!


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