Permissions for Milestones vs. Scheduled Tasks

Not sure how to best implement it, but what we're looking for is a way for Producers to have permission to change only Milestone Tasks, and Production Managers to have permission to change only Scheduled Tasks.

Any ideas?



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    Isaac Reuben

    Our permissions framework supports very complex rules, so can handle things like checking a value of a field on an entity before deciding if a certain role should be allowed to edit that entity (one example is that people can edit their own notes -- that's because it checks the Created By field and gives you edit access if the value matches the current user).  We don't have a UI for editing these permissions rules yet, but we can add rules for you if they are critical to a workflow you want to use.  Send in a support ticket!

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    Quick update... We now have version 1 of our UI on the Permissions framework, however conditional permissions like these still need to be created by Shotgun Support. We do plan on adding conditional permissions to the UI in our next pass on the UI. 

    Here's the docs on our current Permissions framework and UI: https://support.shotgunsoftware.com/entries/122037-permissions

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