Discussion: Feasability of getting webhooks for receiving events?


I've recently started using the python api to retrieve new Versions as they are created (or as close to as I can). Presently I'm periodically polling the server to ask for new events which have occurred since the last time I checked, as described in the example documentation.

I'm wondering however if there might be any potential for implementing a webhook mechanism allowing the process on my end to subscribe itself to the events as they are generated.




What are your thoughts? Is this something that could fit with the shotgun architecture? Is it something that anyone else out there would be interested in?



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    Isaac Reuben

    Hey Andrew,

    We have a ticket about checking out something like that (also described as a "plug out", as opposed to a "plug in"), however there are a few issues with it:

    1. Most of our clients are not running a publicly accessible web service, and often doing so would be a bit of an issue with their IT team.

    2. If they are, this service would likely not have access to internal systems, so this type of callback couldn't be used for a lot of things people do with triggers (archive stuff, create directory structures for new tasks, etc).

    Have you taked a look at the event trigger framework here: https://github.com/shotgunsoftware/shotgunEvents ?  That wraps up all the details about checking for events and tracking which events have been seen, so conceptually you are just dropping python plugins into a directory, and saying what sort of events your plugin is interested in.  Then the framework just calls your plugin whenever that type of event happens.  Would love to hear your feedback on that if you give it a try!


    - Isaac

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