Client Feedback Approval / Share (internal)

We have a thought coming from our daily business:

The client feedback goes directly into the "overview" stream and on the asset note stream, on which the clients give feedback. Sometimes, being a producer, you do review client feedback and may want to transform it / rewrite it / get back to the client with thoughts and questions, before the artists actually see the clients feedback. It would be great, if there was like a share/approve client feedback routine in shotgun, to support this workflow.





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    Johnny Duguid

    Hi Philippe,

    This is currently possible with the Client Review Site via the "See Client Notes" permission setting. You should turn that option off for your Artists so that they don't see the client notes. You can then "push" the client note to the artists by duplicating the Client Note - this will create a new note with the same into, but without the Client Note flags.


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    Gavin Greenwalt

    A more official workflow than copy/paste would be appreciated.   Also a more intimate relationship between tasks and notes in general.  If you are in a task you should be able to see the attachments easily from notes attached to that task for instance. 

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