Support for adding to Tags fields in the importer (rather than just overwriting existing Tags)

Currently, when updating a Tags field via the importer, the behavior is destructive - it will overwrite any existing values in the field with the new values in the import. Seems like a common use case that people just want to add a Tag to whatever Tags are already in the field, rather than wiping out what's there. It would be great if the importer supported this functionality.

Question for anyone who would like this feature (feel free to weigh in with comments) - should the default behavior be changed to be additive rather than destructive as it is now? Or should we find some way to specify which approach you'd rather use? (The latter approach would likely add complexity, but also offers more flexibility.)

Click 'Me Too!' to vote up this feature, and add any additional thoughts or use cases in the comments.


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    Kristin Patterson

    We also would like adding to Playlist field in Importer to be additive! Currently it's destructive as well! Thanks!

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    Rob Shears

    I too need to be able to import into the "Tag" field. It's frustrating the tag needs to exist in the database before an import can take place.

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