Project Specific List Fields

Hi All,

Now that the concept of being able to configure specific fields like status and steps on a project by project basis is available in 5.4, I feel that a logical extension to this would be to be able to create project specific lists.

It would be a list field that has the same name on each project, but is empty until values are added for that specific project.

A great example of this is when delivering to our clients. They require various status, types or descriptors to be used. In the shotgun delivery application the examples are the "Type" and "Submitting For" fields. These differ on each project we work on as the are specified by our external clients.

We currently try and manage this in one rather long fairly unmanageable list. With entries that are either identical, very different or very similar all living in one list. It is hard to tell which value in the list is for which client. Anim vs Animation for example does not indicate which client prefers which value.

We also do not want to create a list per project, as it makes each projects template different from another making project maintenance more challenging.

This has been a challenge for us since we started using shotgun this is not a new issue, I just think now we are close to having a solution.




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    Jack James Official comment

    Just to let you all know, we are currently investigating allowing for this feature in some form.

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    Agreed, project specific lists would be very helpful!

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    Brendan Holt

    I'd also like to see this feature. Many of our shows have very specific presets that shouldn't appear in other shows' list fields. The alternatives, like trusting users to type in the exact value accurately in a regular text field leads to frequent errors, and it would be nice not to have to keep around a million tags.

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    Alex Meddick

    Although this feature would still be nice:

    - So the field code could remain the same in the API and the UI.

    - So you can create and manage page templates between projects without having to slightly change them for this one field change.

    We have been creating project based list fields and only enabling them in the specific project (which has become possible since I put in this feature request).

    We probably have about 50 of these "Project Name List Name" fields, but as they are only visible on the one project they are ok to manage.

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