Pull ASC_SOP ASC_SAT CDL values from sg when using RV


I'm not sure if this is a tweak thing or a Shotgun thing, but I'd love to see the option to pull ASC_SOP and ASC_SAT CDL/CCC values from sg and apply them on a per-shot basis when viewing in rv (as the values are different from shot to shot, unlike the show LUT which remains constant).  Currently our vendors are required to send us files with their DPX submissions that RV's custom LUT menu reads in, but it would be a lot cleaner if we could just read the values from the database -- all the values are already in SG anyway from ALE imports.

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    Ryan Mayeda

    Hi Sam!

    Great question, and I can see how it's a bit of a grey area between what might happen on the Tweak side vs. the Shotgun side.  I think the best way to answer this is to think about things the way they are now vs. where we'd like for it to be as part of the Shotgun feature set in the roadmap.

    At the moment, the best way to do this requires a bit of coding on your side to override the custom_lut_menu_mode.rvpkg that Tweak includes with RV 4.x.  The default logic here just looks for CCC files (or any other LUT formats) in the same folder, which is why you currently have to have your vendors send those files with their DPXs every time.  With a bit of coding, you can change the logic that RV uses to find the LUTs so they can be in a standard location on disk per-Shot, say, or it could also query Shotgun for it as you suggest.  The RV package is written in Python and you can find it by unzipping the rvpkg file.  Let me know if you want to try this but run into trouble grabbing the code.

    Longer-term, we want to have more robust color management support in our native review suite, including the ability to handle getting LUT values directly from Shotgun.  I am starting to work on some specs for how this could work, so I will post those here and broadcast it out to clients for feedback when we more substantive plans to share.  Hopefully I'll have something you (and other clients) can take a look at it in a month or so.


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