Apps: Ipad/tablet app for onset VFX sups

We've heard feedback from clients that they'd like an app for collecting onset data similar to a spreadsheet where data could be easily entered in the app and then imported into Shotgun.


Please add your support and design requests for an onset app by commenting below.


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    Frank Rueter

    Yes please. This would save a lot of time during and after the shoot and would enable onset data to flow back to the facility much faster.

    Onset reference videos could be captured and automatically uploaded to Shotgun when online like as well as any other data such as camera/lens info, set measurements etc.

    I envision this to be a check out/check in process to avoid data collection, i.e. before going on set one would check out a show or series of shots assets etc., then, in offline mode on set, fill in data as it becomes available during the shoot. Of course it should be possible to create new shots and assets from scratch as well.

    When online, the checked in data can be compared to any changes that may have happened since check out to notify any collisions.


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