Crew Planning linked to Tasks

It would be great if the Crew planning app pulled through info as to which project crew are working on from the tasks assigned to them at project level.

then we wouldn't have to fill out the crew planning app separately.


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    Michael Riethoff

    This would be a vital addition to Shutgun for us. I'd like to see the planning of my team in the Crew App based on the tasks assigned to them.
    This should be a global (toggle?) thing, covering all projects.


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    Sebastien Moreau

    To help booking and track "generalist" artists, 
    That would be much helpful to be able to book artist on different Pipeline step.


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    This is an important request for my group as well, since the 'All Tasks' page with filters still isn't guaranteed to show all artists in one page view... even if the 'Show All' setting is used (it still limits the number of entries shown on a page).

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