Client Review description text option

Before choosing the client users to share the review with it would help if I could have an area to add text (for instance describing what they should be looking for) that would show up just below each file they review and above their comment section.

Right now I have to include myself as a client user then login with that and make the first post in the comment section describing what they should be looking for in the review. But that comment can get missed when the section fills with comments from others.


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    Brandon Foster

    Hi Lawren,

    Thanks for your suggestion! I'm happy to report this feature already exists in the Client Review Site. Check out the user guide here, specifically the section titled "Client Review Site - Preview Mode." It describes how to fill out the "Reason for Review" field which appears just below the play area while previewing the review site. You can use this to put in some short notes about why the client is looking at this Version.


    Let me know if that's what you had in mind.

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    Johnny Duguid

    Marking this one as done. If there's interest in changing or additional functionality with this, please spin up a new request.

    - Johnny

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