Option to add custom tooltip for fields when configuring layout of new entity creation forms

It would be useful to have an additional option when configuring the layout of a new entity creation form (i.e. Add New Shot, Add New Task, etc.). Currently you can do things like adding a custom field label, or making the field required for entity creation. We could add an option here to define a Tooltip that would appear on mouseover of that field. This would be a place where admins could define naming conventions, or provide other guidance for the user to make sure the values they choose adhere to studio workflows.


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    Guy Dubost

    Few extra ideas:

    - data format validation (regex format)

    - default value if needed

    - autofilled field based on the content of another field (ex: my-asset-modeling-base-v0001.ma would fill up another field my-asset-modeling-base extracted  with regex)

    - Field content based on other form fields (those form fields just exists for the form but doesnt store any  data in shotgun). For exemple i would fill up temporary fields A, B, and C to create a shotgun field A-B_C 



    Guy Dubost


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    Heather Dinkins

    this would go a long way to helping new employees understand how custom (or supported) fields work.  please add this to a sprint soon!

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