Display Status Name instead of Status Short Code when Sorting in My Tasks

Currently, the status sorting in My Tasks groups by the status short code displayed which can be confusing. It would be great to have the option to display the status name instead (the more human readable one).

Also, to add a little more icing to the topic, it would be great if the Status heading for each group inherited it's status background color. This would make it more consistent around Shotgun, while adding a visual queue.

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    Mark Allen

    If the Status background color was set, the Tasks displayed in the Details Pane could possible inherit those colors behind them (might get tricky with black and black text). This option could potentially eliminate the need of seeing the Status icon on each task if sorting (and color-coding) the Tasks by their Statuses.

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    Judith Pope

    Similarly when grouping by a checkbox field 'checked' and 'unchecked' are shown as the group headers. It would be good to be able to give these meaningful names; at the moment you must hover over the header to get the column information.


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