Batch Reply to Notes

It's currently not possible to batch reply to notes. Often, after reviews for instance, many shots will have the same reply to a note, like "Approved!". So instead of having to add this reply to many notes one-by-one, batch replying would be a great time saver.

What would be a great feature is either an addition to the Action Menu Item (upon right clicking) to "Reply to Selected Notes", or the ability to right click, "Edit Selected..." and then batch reply to multiple notes.  

Click 'Me Too!' to vote up this feature, and add any additional thoughts or use cases in the comments.


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    Janis Robertson

    This would also be helpful for bulk importing replies to client notes. 

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    Harshna Patel


    We would like to be able to batch select versions in the Review Notes app and add one note to all selected. Would this be covered under this request or should this be a different request?

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    Shayna Duguid

    Hi Harshna and Janis,

    Thanks for your feedback! We can keep this request bundled under this one here, and will consider all of these use-cases for implementation.



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