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At our studio, we tend to create separate Overview pages for each episode of a TV series production; within each page are tabs for each stage of production-- Layout. Animation, Comp, etc -- schedule, assets, and others. 

Say I've made some updates to the Lighting tab for episode 1 -- various detailed graphs, complicated color formatting rules, etc-- and I want to roll out that same format to the Lighting tab on all of the other episode pages. If those pages already exist, then I have to update it all manually. 

It would be really handy to be able to copy that tab to another page, in the same way you can "Duplicate Page View" within a given page. 

Maybe have a "Duplicate to..." function that lets you input the link of the project page that you want to copy that view to. 


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    Alexey Borzykh

    I'd vote for a "save/copy/load view preset" option that would give us the ultimate flexibility of viewing one same project's page without having to copy it for each group of people (or even worse - make a personal copy of the page) and then update those copies. But this "copy to" idea is also good, so, +1.

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    Heather Dinkins

    however the functionality is provided; ultimately, the ability to build the best project template from vetted pages across multiple projects into one hero format is key to continuing to address the need of productions and improving reporting functionalities.  it would be best to avoid Custom Pages altogether and have everything up in the provided Entity Bricks; but pushing to those currently is not possible either.

    +1 for any improvements that allow us to easily harvest the best solutions into an ongoing cohesive singular project.

    the current solution is too monolithic in it's approach.

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    Matteo Veglia

    +1 to this!

    @Heather, I totally agree that ideally we'd have a core team at each studio setting up all of the pages they need and avoiding a tonne of smaller even individual pages. However, that might be straightforward with single site studios but any global company (from past experience) will struggle with this as every site has their own needs. So the bigger issue there would be more toward company policy than something SG could do.


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