Admins able to login as different user without changing their password

I'd like to see a feature in Shotgun that allows an admin to login as another user without resetting their password. With the increasing levels of complicated permissions its sometimes really hard to debug a permissions related issue without logging in as that user.

Uncharted is experiencing this where we have complicated Shot, Asset, etc assignments to Vendors but the only way to verify a permissions issue is to login as them as see it first hand. This currently requires resetting their password which is a pain.


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    Patrick Wolf

    From a practical standpoint I'd like to see this feature too.
    From a security one its tricky since an admin could work within Shotgun without leaving a trace.

    At the minimum there would need to be a log entry that admin x logged in as user y to allow some form of tracing.

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    Jacob Medendorp

    Yes please!

    Another benefit from the production side would be being able to get a feel for how a user experiences the site from day to day without having to go through and assign "Test Shots" to yourself.  I find it a lot more helpful when designing a page or working out a new workflow if there is actual data to be working with.  

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    Brandon Foster

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm happy to let you know this new feature will be available in tomorrow's release of Shotgun 6.3.10. You can read more about it here:


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    Alexey Borzykh

    Yay! Thanks!

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