Playback media from local web server with Shotgun Overlay Player

Shotgun Overlay Player (https://support.shotgunsoftware.com/entries/24062067) has a lot of potential:
- Instantaneously view media across branches and visually comment on it
- Host turntables for a Shotgun based Asset Library
- Host a complete archive of finaled shots for reference and inspiration
and much more

Unfortunately many VFX/Game companies are legally prohibited from uploading media to the cloud and unfortunately can NOT use the Shotgun Overlay Web Player and with that Shotgun Screening Room.

Stuart Aitken, Francois Lord and KP did come up with a cool way to play back media from a local web server last year:

The trick was to set the path to the local web server on a link field via an API call:
https://gist.github.com/kporangehat/ffe4cbd3bc1f9a23cc20 (KP)
but it stopped working after the switch to S3 beginning of 2014.

Besides being legally sanctioned it would also be faster as the round trip to the cloud isn't needed and it would also save bandwidth.

So if you like to see the ability to play back media from a local web server with the Shotgun Overlay Player and Screening Room please VOTE below!

And if you have more use cases & thoughts please post them! :)


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    Dave Lajoie

    Patrick, I am so with you on this.

    I assume web player == screening room, right?

    We are encoding locally all of our media ( mp4 and webm ) to control quality, resolution and color space. We do upload the medias to shotgun, but we keep a copy of the file locally ( mp4 only ). the mp4 local path is also stored in the version entity entry.


    My take would be:

    1) add a mean to define both cloud based mp4 / webm and local mp4 / webm

    2) Screening room should automatically attempt to open the local media, and if the media is not available, revert back to amazon media ( uploaded / stream-able )

    Thanks for the links from KP on link field via API, this is pretty cool.


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    Patrick Wolf

    Yes Dave web player = overlay player = screening room . Text is fixed and thanks for you vote!



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