Project Timeline App - Add Baseline Feature

It would be nice to have a Baseline, since this is the Project Timeline App and having a Baseline is best practice for project management.

 Here are a couple of simple things we would like to see:

  • It would be nice to lock a Baseline at either the top or the bottom, so it doesn’t move around on the bar graph as various phases are added.
  • It would be nice to have it controlled by permissions. For example managers can edit while others can only view the baseline. Baseline shouldn’t change much, if at all when project has started. t am sure every animation studio would love to see how each phase has either hit the target of the original schedule or how much they have deviated and perhaps allow for better planning on the next episode, project, show or movie. This drive real monetary value in the bidding process - to both not over estimate the time require nor under estimate so having to eat cost.
  • Better yet change Project Timeline App to Project Baseline App, so this becomes where the Baseline is created and as tasks are tracked else where in Shotgun, we can see how actual work is tracking against the original plan. Right now, it seems Project Timeline App is a stand alone just for roughing in a plan.

Screenshot 2015-06-17 15.52.07.png


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