Crew Planning App Vacation Bookings affect Work Schedule Exemptions

We've started using the crew planning app for scheduling time-off. We're not really leveraging it for Project bookings, as we tend to assign people to too many projects simultaneously to make it efficient. Anyway...

It doesn't seem like the crew planning app is tied into the work schedules? I can see Vacation time in the Gantt, but it doesn't split a task the same way that it does for a work schedule exemption. Is there a way to tie those things together? Meaning that when you create a "vacation" booking in the crew planning app, a work schedule exemption would also be created...set the exemption to "Not Working", copy the description from the booking to the exemption, and pop-up the same window that you get when you create an exemption (providing the user with the option to alter the end date or the duration).

Currently, there appears to be a disconnect...and that could create some confusion and/or double work?



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    Kendyll Hogg

    This would be a great addition for our Studio! Our Production team prefers the visual overview of the Crew Planner app as you can easily see vacations at a glance, but Work Schedules are indispensable in their connection to the tasks Gant graph. At the moment they are filling in holidays in both areas, which is definitely redundant work. It seems like a no-brainer to have these things connect to one another.

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