Crew Planning: Way to filter what bars (Bookings) are displayed within each Person's row

Currently you can use the Filter Panel in the Crew Planning app to narrow down what people are displayed, but you see every bar (booking) for each Person. It would be great to be able to set a filter on which bars are displayed for each person. This would allow you to setup and compare different scenarios, filtering based on tags or Project links, or any other metadata field.

Crew Planning Filter Panel - Bookings

An important question though - would people prefer to change the way the "Bookings" section of the Filter Panel works now? Currently, if you flip to the Bookings tab and filter for a specific Project, like Big Buck Bunny, you would then only see People with Bookings on that Project, but you'd see all the Bookings for each Person shown, including their Bookings on other Projects. Would it be better if we changed this so it only showed Bookings on the selected Project, rather than all the Person's Bookings, essentially filtering the People displayed *and* the bars (Bookings) shown for each Person? Or would you prefer we add a toggle, or a third section of the Filter Panel, to allow you to filter the bars displayed for each Person, without changing the way the current "Bookings" filter panel works?

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