Ability to edit note info from a linked entities page in list view.

We've heard from a clients that they'd like the ability to quickly edit note information from an entity page in list view. Currently we use the 'Open Notes' field on an entity to show the body of any Notes linked to that Entity with the status: Open. While this field is useful, you can't edit any of the information showing in this field, nor can you define which type of Open note displays, and you have to go to a separate page of notes to edit the note information, or shift to a detail view.

Another other option is to use a query field (for example to show the Body field from the latest linked note) but you can't display many notes, and again, to edit the note information, you'd have to navigate to a different page or view. 

Use cases we've heard:

 - Ability to quickly change the status of a note. For example, as an artist, you want to quickly change the status of a note from Open to Closed indicating that you've made the requested changes.

- Ability to edit the body of the note. For example a VFX supervisor might be reviewing notes of type VFX, and wants to edit the existing note body to include new information. 

Given the use-cases we've received, this feature would need to encapsulate some way to filter which notes appear in this new field (maybe by using the 'type' field on a note)  

We don't have any designs at this stage, but we're interested in gauging interest and hearing any other use-cases. Please Click 'Me Too!' to vote up this feature, and add any additional thoughts in the comments below.


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    At the very least the ability to close notes from list view, perhaps by clicking on the open icon and selecting "close note," would be immensely convenient. 

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    Alexey Borzykh

    Why not just use the 'Open Notes Count' field instead of 'Open Notes'? Clicking on a number in the cell (as there might be more than one open note at the time) you can have all the fields you want to edit note body, status, attachments, e.t.c. as they will open in a pop-up window. As well as if you ctrl+click on a specific note - it will open up a new page for you with the note's complete thread.

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    Matthew Brown

    Changing the status easily would be good, but to be able to make a new note or edit a note directly in, say the shot page inside a pipeline step (like adding a note to Animation Refine) is really needed.


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