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I would like to be able to set the condition option in each filter section of the panel.
For instance right if I do have a "od_tags" attribute on my entity. On the filter panel, I add this attribute as a filter. If I check 2 tags it will show me any entries which have one of the 2 selected tags

I know we can do so by creating a filter. But sometimes we have many combinations and creating one filter for all of them is not very suitable.

For instance :
Let's imagine you have N Env type (1 tag per Env type) then X tags (for content on this Env type)
you would have to create N*X filters to have only one level combinaison :
EnvType1 + montain

EnvType1 + city

EnvType2 + montain



I would like to be able to set for this particular filter, the condition to be "all" rather than "any", so I would only get the images which contain those 2 tags.








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    Patrick Charron

    I wish we will be able to get this feature soon as possible. 

    A big plus like the tags system In Unreal 4 for the browsing.
    For our game assets production it will be a must ! 

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