email notification rules

It would be helpful to have the ability to add specific rules to email notifications.

For example, if I only want to get an email when versions are created for a specific task, but on all shots, (as opposed to all versions on all shots)

similarly, it would be great if there was a way to automatically start following specific entities (and get notify when a new item of that entity type is created) . Like I want to be notified of all newly created assets, automatically follow them as they get created, but I only want to be notified of versions or notes submitted to the Rigging tasks for all assets...

that would all be super helpful!

thank you.



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    Shayna Duguid

    We've also heard some feedback that it would be great to add a rule for Client Note email notifications, so if all other email notifications through the inbox are turned off, you can still receive Client notes through email. However, this feature sounds like it would cover this type of case as well.

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    I would also love to see a more robust notification system!

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