Client Review Site - Communicate with Already Invited Clients

There are times when you need to communicate with a client about material in a shared Client Review Site. Perhaps you've made updates to the content, or they just need to get the link sent to them again because they've misplaced it. Some additional options in the "Manage Shares" would help with this. On such feature would be the ability to right-click on any client user and send them a new message which could also contain a link back to the review site. Would this be useful to you? If so click the "Me Too!" button and let us know your thoughts and use cases in the comments.


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    Eileen Wall

    Hi Brandon, this would be a great feature for us. we usually use just the one playlist which we add to and to have the ability to remind clients of the link would be great. Also the ability to automatically notify via email the invited clients if new material has been added would be very useful.

    Cheers, Eileen

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    Philippe Stalla

    Hello! We basically have the same request! So what would be great to have in the client review would be:

    - a playlist that could utomatically send an update message to the clients when we update

    - a button wich you can manually press saying something like "reshare" and / or "send message to client", where you can enter a short message and the list is then shared again to all client users that are on this playlist

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    Stephen Pugh

    This would be extremely useful for us as well - sharing a playlist with a director and producer, and if they aren't sitting in the same room when they view the contents, then each gives notes and has NO idea that the other has done so.  Chaos and Confusion reign.


    Having everyone on the Share notified when someone adds a note (or otherwise updates the list) would make this far more useful.

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    Johnny Duguid

    Hey all,

    With Shotgun 6.3, the cases outlined in this request are now supported through the introduction of two new features.

    Better email notifications mean that everyone who has been invited to a playlist now receives an email whenever:

    • A playlist is shared with the user or client.
    • A Version is added to a previously Shared Playlist.
    • A new note or reply is made on a Version in a Shared Playlist.

    Additionally, the Manage Shares dialog has received an update that let's you quickly pre-populate the Invite People popover. This means you can quickly select the folks you want to communicate with and Re-Share the playlist with the new communication. Here's what that looks like:


    Marking this request as done. :)


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