Client Review Site - Rename Downloadable Source Files

The Client Review Site allows you to specify whether or not the reviewer can download the original source file used to create the Version. Oftentimes this file is named based on your studios own internal naming conventions which is good for you, but may be confusing for the client reviewing and downloading the source.

It would be useful to specify a field which will serve as the name the source file is changed to prior to being downloaded. For example a "Client Code" field may store the name of the Version the client is expecting to see. If they choose to download the source, the file name would automatically be set to the value stored in that field, rather than the uploaded file's original name.

If this feature would be useful to you, click the "Me Too!" button, and leave us your thoughts and use cases in the comments.


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    Hugh Macdonald

    My initial suggestion was to use the same field as the one chosen to be the display field (which can only, as far as I'm aware, be either Code or Client Code). And then maybe a check box to say something like "Rename downloaded QT to match Version display name"

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    Octevia Robertson

    I could be the 'Client Version Name' field is the one that allows it to change the file name upon download. I use this column for display purposes when they are viewing items in the playlist, but it would be super helpful if that automatically change the file name when they downloaded it as well.

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