Remember each users' sorting and filtering changes to My Tasks (don't reset to default on logout / session expiration)

Some clients would prefer that the My Tasks page not revert to the saved sort & filter settings upon logout / login (i.e. with each new session). The ability to save default settings is useful to create a common starting point for everyone, but the thought is that each user should be able to customize their own view and make those customizations stick so they see their own personal layout whenever they login. Of course other clients may prefer that artists always be presented with the studio-mandated sorting and filtering, to make sure they are seeing all their assignments, and seeing them in the correct priority order.

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    Armando Ricalde

    Yeap this is must.
    Would be great to be able to configure a default starting point for everyone and as users become more experienced the ability to further personal-customization

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    Heather Dinkins

    The saved filter that we can push out as a default setting in 5.1+ has been really helpful to providing a controlled scenario on what Artists will see. We currently have it set it up so that any projects marked as Active or Finaled will show all tasks excepting those tasks which are omitted, on hold or n/a.  strongly agree with providing a functionality that allows them to pare down results from that initial setting (and be persistent) would be very helpful.

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