Ability to make custom Query / Summary fields that behave like Open Notes (display list of results)

Some clients have requested a new display type for query fields that would work like the built-in "Open Notes" field does currently. You would define a query, and the results would be displayed comma-separated in that field for each record. Currently you can display a count of the results and click on the count to launch a focus window showing each individual result that makes up the count, but sometimes its nice to be able to see the list right there on the page, without having to click.


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    melanie zaffran

    This would be extremely helpful in displaying (for example) all notes for which the type is "client", whether they are open or closed..I would love to have that extra feature

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    Would love to see this feature.

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    Brandon Foster

    Hey Tony,

    I'm actually working on designs for this to use as a starting point to discuss with the engineers. So no solid ETA I can share, but there is some movement on it.

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    Edward Spencer

    We actually have a use case for this as a slightly modification of the Open Notes field

    We have mirrored our version statuses in our note statuses which to use as a trigger for when we create notes. However, the open notes field only searches for 'open' or 'in progress' statused notes, so anything other than this doesn't show up.

    We'd like a summary field to include these other statuses

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    Jayesh Dalal

    +1 Vote

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