Global formatting rules should apply to linked fields on pages of other types

Currently when you set up a Global page formatting rule, it applies to any page of that entity type across your Shotgun site, but does not apply to fields from that entity that are shown on pages of other types. For example, if you set the Sequence Code field to be orange for any Sequence needed for an upcoming trailer, then it will always show that way on any page of Sequences. But showing the linked Sequence Code field on a Shots page will not trigger the same formatting rule.

Clients have expressed interest in making Global formatting rules *truly* global, so that they apply even to linked fields shown on other types of pages.

Click 'Me Too!' to vote up this feature, and add any additional thoughts or use cases in the comments.

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    Brendan O-Connor

    Agreed!  I'm desperate to be able to conditionally format specific Query results.

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