Site-Wide configurable Screening Room Filters

There are already the 2 default filters that hide media that is not usable in either Screening Room Online or in Screening Room in RV.
It would be nice to either customize those further or add more filters.
It would be nice if the one could choose if the filters are on by default for all users and spare the artists from activating the filter.
egg we use "omit" often instead of deleting assets, tasks, shots. Generally we do not want to see them, so it would be nice to be able to filter them out.
This could be taken even further if the filters could be linked to permission groups/and or persons...
The new feauture that saves the filters in Screening Room is already one step in this direction anyway, still we often loose our session cookie and have to redo them manually....

Site-wide preferences would be a good addition to the toolset.




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