Conditional formatting based on the comparison of two values

We've heard from some clients that they'd like the ability to set color formatting based on comparing two values, for example: if column x is more than column y make column z red.

Please add your support to this request if you'd like to see this implemented in the future.


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    Tony Aiello

    Use-case:  we've got a bunch of build tasks, rolled up in an Asset pipeline step, associated with building a set.  So that Asset has a particular end (due) date from the rolled-up pipeline step "task".  The producer / scheduler plans when a Shot requiring that step is supposed to start, storing that start date in a 'shooting' task on a Shot pipeline step.  Both of these dates (asset completion and shooting start) are in the future.  The set-builders are updating their tasks with revised completion dates.  The producer / scheduler wants a visual red flag when the set-builders pushed-out dates cause the Asset completion date to exceed the planned shoot date.  So the conditional format would be something like 'Current Task > End' 'is after' 'Another Task > End' instead of the today / tomorrow / specific-date manual entry; apply that condition to format one or the other entity's displayed start or end date.

    Alternately, this could accomplished with calculated fields -- add a field to Task that calculates the date difference between a field on the selected / current Task and another entity's date, then display that field and format it if greater than or less than zero.  Or embed the greater / less than calculation as part of the calculated field so that it just returns True or False.  Then display that calculated field and either use the positive / negative value or the True / False result as the condition for the cell formatting.

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    Cristian Guijarro

    That could be great!!

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    Juan Bugarin

    Just adding to this request, we also thought it would be a helpful feature if we were able to filter comparing dates.

    For example, filter to show any shots that have a "reviewed date" falling before the "upload date". Situations like this might be helpful to track.

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