Tracking Robust Editorial Information Easily

What I'd love to do is be able to import a sequence from editorial, including non-vfx shots, so that I can ask RV to rebuild the sequence with all the latest versions of shots so that I can see everything in context, immediately, without having to revert to a NLE like FCP or Avid. What I've found is that editorial rooms are supportive of giving me the information I need, even if it means a little more work for them, as long as they know exactly how I'm expecting it.

Here's how I imagine making it work (this example is Avid, but could work for FCP with minor tweaks): they export a flattened reference quicktime of a sequence. They then also export FilmScribe data (XML for FCP) for the same sequence for all relevant video tracks. The VFX shots have been already marked in the Avid by the editorial crew, in a way that the parser could read. The parser would then create a Shotgun friendly import-ready CSV file (or else just bring it in directly via the API), and how there's a playlist that related directly to that version of the sequence.

A future path of development might be tools to compare sequences to flag new work frame ranges, particularly if they're longer than the scan. Essentially I'm suggesting we include the assistant editors into the Shotgun workflow; they'll love us for it!

Personally, I see a tool like this as a huge advantage for Shotgun's integration with RV.

Is anybody already doing something like this?


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    Katharina Koepke


    Our Editorial department also gives us a flattened quicktimes as well as the XML data for the cut. All shots are marked  VFX and non-vfx shots in FCP, we then  have a stand alone xml parser tool that gets the footage for us and loads them automatically into the right folders as VFX plates ready for comp. It would be fantastic if  SHOTGUN / RV playlists could also have a way to parse the xml to rebuilt the current editorial cut as a playlist for review. If this is already possible in SHOTGUN / RV, I would love feeback from the community.

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    Ryan Valade

    I have been Requesting Shotgun to make context edits that include non vfx shots for years now. Still no response in to the delay in such a vital tool to VFX production.

    In reality the Revolver tools to review sequences are completely useless to a normal vfx production. Revolver only works if every shot in your timeline is a working VFX shot of the facility. In reality this never happens unless you are doing an animated feature.

    This is a good solution and there are many.. but as of yet shotgun has not presented to Facilities a decent work around..

    Revolver does not do what it claims for feature film Vfx context edit reviewing.

    I have worked at major facilities and in every one in which we use shotgun/revolver we are forced to have editorial create from avid in context edits for review.

    I love shotgun and Revolver, but this is a HUGE miss.

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    Don Parker

    Hi Ryan, sorry for the delay getting back to you on this issue.  This is extremely high on our todo list, and we're sorting out which release it will go into next year.  Our product team has been doing some roadmap meetings with our clients with more details, so sorry we missed you last time we talked to Prime Focus.  I'll ask Johnny to reach out to you to talk about details.  Any other clients can reply here to get a quick chat with Johnny.  We'll reply back here with solid dates once we nail them down.

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    mike winkelmann

    I'm wondering if you have made any progress in this area?

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