project timeline view (with time bars)

Would it be possible (or is it already possible)....


To have  a timeline column under the admin/projects tab.

Just like there is a timeline column in the tasks views (on the right side).  

That way we can have managers/supervisors see all projects on one page on a calendar with a bar (on a timeline) for each project.   It would also be nice to see a current progress bar above or below the project timeline bar.  We could quickly see if a project is on schedule or behind.  A mouse over the bar would show us the percentage.


Right now, our work around has been to create a generic 'main schedule' task and a generic sequence name that matches the name of the project.  We then filter in just the 'main schedule' tasks over all projects. (see attachment)





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    Sebastian Åkesson-Holm

    I would like something like this as well! Or at least some way to get this functionality without a work around. It's just a quick way to get an overview of where the projects are in time, especially when someone asks you how busy you are during a specific month or time period.

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