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We have noticed that 'Fields' appear on a global basis - that is, across all projects.

The issue we have found is that increasingly, we are creating fields which are per-project. These fields then pollute the field list for all other projects.

At the moment things are not too much of a problem, though we are thinking ahead a little and can see how things will become really messy.

Isaac mentioned that fields are global and there are thoughts on making this list something that each project can cull. That sounds great.

My only thought is that by default, each project should be opt-out - except for the project creating the field.


thanks :)



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    Don Parker

    I totally agree with you Clinton.  In fact, you're going to want this even more once you get your hands on the upcoming Task Pipelines, which will be global at first.  I think it's important that we give you a way to not only support specific project customizations, but also evolve away from legacy structure.  We don't want you to feel stuck with decisions you made back in the early days.  So yes, we hear you and agree.

    FYI: This is our internal ticket sg4564.  It's not currently scheduled, but I just bumped it into our inbox for our next planning meeting.

    In the meantime, you might want to experiment with tags for some fields that are project specific.  Not the perfect solution, but might help in some cases.

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    clinton downs

    Awesome, great to hear there are cool plans for this stuff.

    Will check out the thought on tags. We are using a namespace approach at present and it should do the trick, though is also not ideal.

    Thanks Don.



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    Hey Clinton, just came across this old request - do the Project Tracking settings and field visibility per-project features cover your need here? I'm thinking we can call this one done. :)



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