Requests for Reviews/Playlists

I know that reviews/playlists are getting reworked but there were a couple things that are relatively minor that our production people have reported, and I was wondering if might be possible to fold them in.  Here goes:

  • Would it be possible to add some mechanism for defining a default cc per-show (or at per-review/playlist-type, depending on the pref)?  Our production people generally want to be on every note thread, so they tend to just cc the production group on every note.  Since notes are pre-addressed to whoever submitted the version, it would be a nice little bit of data entry saving if the cc could already be filled in too.
  • Would it be possible to select multiple review/playlist items and then use "Edit Selected" to update fields on each of the versions?  Right now, "Edit Selected" only affects the review item, which really doesn't have any data on it.  It would be nice if there were some way for a production person to do something like change all of the version statuses to "Reviewed" or something like that.

Now that I am actually getting to write this out, I feel like I'm forgetting something.  I'll add it to the thread if I can remember...


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    Juanmaria Garcia

    We would like to be able to have folders to store and classify Playlists. This would help having lots of them and finding the right one.

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