Instant Messaging and pop ups

Hi there all.

Most of our artists are using IM clients from a range of services and in the past we have found this to be useful for updates, casual enquiries and for generally telling if our remote artists/clients are about. I have even seen some passing around Nuke scripts so what the hey!

This would also work well for clients I think as we can pop notes to them that don't require them to be listed as part of our notes system. A disposable conversation if you wish. Maybe you could also be prompted to convert the IM chat to a notes thread at the end of the conversation?

The other thing I would definitely like to see is pop ups when new notes, tasks or other user defined conditions are met. Perhaps when a new version is ready to review. Pops up could be in the lower right of the screen again in the fashion of an IM or Email client.

What do others think of this sort of thing? I have seen another SG like system with these thing integrated and it seemed to work well.




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    Bryan Holland



    we have also heard this from users.

    There are dozens of new systems that use this web 2.0 metaphor. They are not as customizable or as powerful as ShotGun, but they track IM's notes etc and tie to an entity.

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    Stephen Chiu

    @Marten, although we haven't yet implemented Instant Messaging/Chat features inside of Shotgun, we have introduced Desktop Notifications on new Notes, Versions, and Updates from Shotgun (as you've described in your original post). This feature came as part of our 5.x Shotgun release. More information regarding this feature is documented here on our blog:


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    James Cunningham

    That system is kind of working. It could be useful if you added 'new note' or 'new message' that to the inbox section would be great. Just to make it easier to message an artist or several at once, and see the messages I have sent. And to keep the communication channel/feedback history all within shotgun.  Actually, now that someone replied to a note I can see what I sent.

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    Julia S. Bacak

    Yes, My creative director just came up with this idea too. He envisions a project based chat window, with live updating open to anyone assigned to the project who wants to chat about it. The notes system is nice, but rather tedious for minor notes and questions.

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