An even easier way to Save Pages

As I'm trying to create and configure our projects and views and layouts and pages, I'm constantly making changes to pages that I want to save. I find myself, out of habit, just hitting Ctrl-S to save. Of course this probably will never work on a web browser, but it would be cool if there was an even easier way to save pages that what is currently available. Perhaps just a one button click instead of a menu selection?

On a related note, I also find myself forgetting to save pages. Not sure what the best solution is for this -- maybe a "designer mode" that either automatically saves the page, or reminds me to save it before I navigate away from it, or shows a list of all the pages I have dirtied and not saved during the current session? (It is very nice that it remembers my changes within the current session, by the way.)

What do you think?


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    Andy Geers

    Personally I think the "page modified" indicator is *way* too subtle - sometimes I can't even tell that the icon has turned yellow even when I know that's what I'm looking for. I think a warning when you try to navigate away *could* be a good thing, and could also be annoying - if it could read your mind and know whether you want to save the page or not in advance, that would be cool? But maybe some kind of whole-screen background colour highlight or a glow effect around the page modified icon or SOMETHING more obvious would definitely be good

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